Pay off your debt with Max International

Job boards consistently say that interviewees should never ask what the salary is for a new job. Common reasons to avoid the question are being dismissed too early for asking for a high salary rate or the company not being willing to meet their salary expectations. Interviewees too often end up settling for less money to get the job or worrying about their performance in order to maintain that higher salary.

Working from home eliminates those concerns. Working from home with a company like Max International is even better because there are no secrets to pay rates. Max International representatives are fully aware of how much they can earn days, months and years into the plan. For people with a natural flair for sales and those who are comfortable in the business and health world, this is a credible and lucrative opportunity to make funds and educate consumers about a healthier lifestyle, too.

Being self-employed also eliminates quite a few extra expenses that have to be taken into consideration for a regular, full-time job. Someone who is self-employed makes up their own vacation and sick days, doesn't have to worry about daily travel expenses to and from work, and won't be troubled by news of unexpected overtime. Max International representatives make their own schedules according to what's comfortable for their budgets and that of their families.

What's even better is that not only can Max International representatives make a profit off of their own sales but bringing in team members adds onto their monthly and annual income. Bring on one sales representative and the profit is higher. Add on teams and the funds keep coming in. There can be up to seven tiers of teams selling Max International products without a ceiling. By tier seven, sales representatives can then create their own business center. Imagine transitioning from working alone to running a business center full of other independent sales representatives.

One of the biggest differences between self-employment with Max International and self-employment by starting one's own business is joining Max International costs less than $100. Some self-employed workers spend thousands and millions to start a business, and then spend years trying to make a profit off of their investment. Sole proprietors also have to take into consideration who their competitors are and whether they'll be able to compete in the marketplace. With Max International, that's not the case nor does it cost additional money to own a business center.

Max International representatives already have a proven track record of success. The health industry as a whole is one of the top industries to work in. Max International sells health and wellness products, including high-quality skin care products, that are in major demand. Both female and aging consumers are especially interested in Max International's products to improve premature aging skin problems, the onset of wrinkles and dry skin. Male consumers are usually attracted to Max International's products for medical ailments.

All Max International products have undergone rigorous testing, have pending patents or already have patents for MaxONE and Cellgevity health and wellness products, and Visible Solutions skin products.

So who would be the ideal representative for Max International? Anyone. The creator of Max International is a multi-billionaire, Steven K. Scott, a businessman who was fired from his first nine jobs. In today's economy, being laid off or fired has become an unwelcome norm. What Scott did was not let that deter him from being financially successful outside of the corporate world.

Joining him in the creation of Max International is Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa, a world-renowned Chemist. Nagasawa created a patented nutrient called RiboCeine, which has helped millions of people produce more of the mega antioxidant glutathione within their bodies to combat aging and health issues.

The primary goal with Max International is to educate people about the perks of glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant naturally produced in the body that helps detoxify cells and cleanse the body of toxins and free radicals. On top of the aging process, inflammation and environmental pollutants are the culprits of why glutathione levels lower too quickly.

People join Max International from all walks of life: stay-at-home parents who need extra income, people who are tired of compromising with low-paying jobs, workers who need to make extra income to pay off credit card debt, people who want to save up for a major purchase (ex. new car, home or vacation), travelers who need to figure out ways to afford a vacation, graduates to seniors who worry about how long their retirement savings will last or those who just want to save for a rainy day.

Max International gives these representatives an opportunity to become more familiar with their own bodies and educate loved ones, co-workers, friends and even outsiders to the importance of glutathione and RiboCeine.