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Living Well With Max International

In today's world it can be tough to provide everything you and your family need to live a comfortable, satisfying life. As expenses soar income falls and it gets harder and harder to make ends meet, let alone live in comfort. Who wants to spend hours upon hours every day in a gray cubicle, struggling to get by, doing meaningless work? If you're looking for an opportunity to change your life, improve your family's well being and contribute to the well being of the world around you, Max International might be a fit for you. There are lots of ways to make money, plenty of products that anyone can sell, but wouldn't you rather sell something that you know is going to make the world a better place? At Max International, it isn't only about the financial opportunity. It's about empowerment, it's about living a life that matters in a healthful, satisfying way.

The Problem

The stresses of everyday life are no secret. Pollutants in the air, toxins in our food, the never ending race to work harder for less money and the constant health problems brought on by environmental and lifestyle factors. It's enough to make anyone feel like hanging onto your health, satisfaction and success are an uphill climb. Stress is harmful to the body in a number of ways and makes it tougher for your body to produce enough anti-oxidants. This never ending cycle of stress, toxicity and depleted anti-oxidants can seem impossible to break.

The Product

Glutathione, nature's own cleanser, occurs naturally in all of us. It clears the toxins that every day living pumps into our bodies, such as radiation, pesticides and chemical preservatives. Created in every cell of the body and found in great concentration in the liver, glutathione is hard at work every day clearing and cleaning the poisonous residue of modern life from your intestinal tract. It protects other organs and cells from radiation. In short, glutathione works overtime to protect your body from the constant invasion of toxic particles.

Unfortunately, over time aging causes the cells to produce less glutathione and the constant influx of toxins builds up in the body. Hundreds of studies have demonstrated the importance of glutathione, a powerful anti-oxidant, in maintaining overall health and youthfulness yet few people know about it.

When you work with Max International, you gain the opportunity to educate people about the importance of this master molecule. You give them the opportunity to start down the road towards good health and a fuller, happier life.

The Compensation

Max International believes in its product, but it also believes in its associates / independent distributors. You're giving the world the opportunity to experience the life-changing benefits of a master anti-oxidant, you should reap the rewards of that success. Max believes so much in this idea that it pays some of the most lucrative commissions in the industry coupled with bonuses, fast track incentives and an additional 25% bonus every time you register a customer in the Preferred Customer Program. Associates may also purchase the product wholesale, either for personal use or for resale. If you sell it for retail you pocket the difference. There are even bonuses paid down through seven generations of your down-line! Imagine improving your health, your community and your finances all at the same time. Max International makes that possible.

The Science

There is plenty of solid science behind the benefits of glutathione. Besides the research done by Max International itself there are over 100,000 studies on glutathione and its importance to a well functioning body. Nearly every part of the body is protected by glutathione. Doctors use it to treat patients suffering from cataracts, cancer, liver disease, heart disease, lung disease, alcoholism, asthma, Parkinson's Disease, arthritis, hepatitis and even Alzheimer's Disease. The list goes on and on. There can be no doubt that a person's health is dependent on the ability of anti-oxidants to maintain and strengthen the immune system.

As more and more people live well into old age, the need for replenishing anti-oxidants such as glutathione will only increase.

The Opportunity

There is no question that we live in a stressful world, perhaps now more than at any time in history. Stress can lead to a depletion of anti-oxidants in general and glutathione in particular. Despite the mountain of research showing the benefits of glutathione, relatively few people know about it or what it does. This ever increasing need coupled with the wide gap in knowledge about a proven health product means that the opportunity to educate the general public has never been greater. Max International provides a business model that you can use to improve your health, increase your wealth and contribute to the health of those whose lives you touch.

People who started taking glutathione have reported that after only a few weeks they had more energy, better focus and their hair, skin and nails looked healthier.

If you've put your physical and financial health on hold long enough, if you've been waiting for the chance to do something meaningful for yourself and your community, consider Max International.

For more information please visit the Max International corporate website.