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Generate residual income from selling Max International products

As soon as the Human Resources documents hit the table, job applicants are trained to believe that the most sufficient way to survive in the workplace is through 401(k), individual retirement arrangements (IRAs), Social Security, credit union and bank savings accounts, and so forth.

While this may be the case for many employees, there are three problems with trying to live off of traditional income:

  1. No one knows their day of death so it's entirely too easy for a retirement account to be drained out too quickly.

  2. No one can confirm whether they'll be able to keep that same job long enough to make their retirement financial goals without there being gaps in employment.

  3. No one knows which loved ones and friends may need help along the way, which can affect how much money goes into a retirement account.

These are just three of many reasons why it may be a good idea to pay more attention to this opportunity from Max International to create a significant residual income stream.

Initially the idea of self-employment may be frightening to those who have been trained to only work in a corporate environment. Even if they're exhausted from overtime, not making it up the corporate ladder, losing money during maternity or paternity leave or dealing with lower pay after a disability or worker's compensation claim, those same workers will hop right back on the work treadmill and start running all over again.

It's about that time to start looking at other forms of income. Unlike traditional income, residual income does not have a ceiling on a salary. Whatever work is put forth is what that same worker will make from a few hundred to thousands to millions. Max International offers representatives the opportunity to set their own financial goals and reach them.

In a traditional income environment, employees can train co-workers to do their own jobs or the jobs of others. Even worse, they can train their own boss(es) to do a job. But that same employee will never make any extra profits from training that co-worker or boss. At Max International, training additional representatives who join the company leads to guaranteed profits for the original representative. While representative number one makes money from sales of Max International health and skin products, that same representative makes a profit from the person he's directly trained and anyone else that the trainee recruits.

Corporate environments have a long-standing habit of laying employees off during a slow month. With Max International, if one group of representatives have a slow month while the other group has a winning month, the original representative who trained someone from both groups still gets paid.

As with any company, customer service and a reputable product matter. Selling products with Max International is no different for both the sales representatives and the customers. Say, for example, a representative sells health and skin products to five people. Those five people then see that these products work pretty well and decide to join the team. They start selling products, and their five buddies join in. While these products are selling, word of mouth about the products are reaching new ears. Eleven people talking about Max International products could lead to many more customers, including those who decide to just buy the products instead of selling them. Either way, that's guaranteed marketing and advertising without all of the extra ad expenses.

While you may question the need to pay $49 for the start-up kit to join Max International, even in an environment with traditional income, work expenses are part of the package. Child daycare while a parent is at work costs money. Gas and auto repair upkeep to travel to work cost money. Public transportation to and from work costs money. Business lunches and holiday parties cost money. For more formal positions, work attire can cost a pretty penny. Total all of those work expenses up and that's far more than a $49 investment.

With Max International, none of the expenses above matter for a self-employed worker. From yoga pants to a business suit, the income does not change from the job. Residual income is only affected by how much effort a worker puts into selling the Max International products and recruiting other members.

Social media has steadily proven to be a free way of marketing an item. A satisfied customer may share positive product reviews not only by word of mouth but also to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest followers. In a traditional income environment, the person who most likely profits from social media promotions is the CEO. With Max International representatives, anybody who can land that new customer or new sales representative can add several more bucks in their banks.

Max International gives people with a natural flair for marketing, advertising, sales, promotion and recruiting the opportunity to utilize those skills for more than a low-paying, commission job. And representatives can use these skills from the comfort of their own home. Expecting a new baby? Maternity leave won't be a problem. Worried about ageism during the interviewing process? That's irrelevant to the customers. They just want a product that works.

For someone who is dealing with long-term unemployment, being self-employed shows initiative and eliminates those unemployment gaps while pursuing the next job. However, it also gives full-timers, part-timers and those already in the self-employment world another opportunity to learn and educate people about health care products, ways to improve ailments and making others feel better about themselves during the aging process.

Residual income from Max International products can be used now instead of waiting until retirement page or counting off earned vacation days. Even for workers who are still hesitant to spend their residual income now, selling Max International products provides an even better opportunity to save. If surprise expenses come up, they can use their traditional income to pay for those costs and use residual income to deposit into a savings account. It's a win-win either way.

You can generate a significant Residual Income with Max International promoting their breakthrough glutathione boosting products while working from home on a part-time basis.